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5 Social Media Updates This Week That You Don’t Want to Miss

Social media is constantly evolving! New apps and technology pop up every week, causing existing apps to change the way they operate by offering more features

Every Friday we round up the 5 Top Social Media Updates for the week:

  • Meta has launched Collaborative Ads with local restaurants and grocery stores to deliver food and packaged goods to people 
  • Instagram has confirmed that any videos posted on stories longer than 15 seconds will no longer be split up, further showing the apps desire to integrate video 
  • Youtube has announced their Shorts feature will run ads between videos and use 45% of the revenue from these ads to pay creators. The addition of a voiceover option will give Tiktok a run for it’s money! 
  • Tiktok has rolled out a dislike button for comments, something a lot of users have mixed opinions about 

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