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5 Social Media Features Businesses Need to Know About

Social media is constantly evolving! New apps and technology pop up every week, causing existing apps to change the way they operate by offering more features

Every week we round up the 5 Top Social Media Updates for the week:

  • Twitter has given its Professional Accounts dashboard a new look, giving businesses the ability to see a quick overview of their account, from performance to added resources to help grow.
The new Twitter Professional Home display gives a quick overview of performance analytics VIA
  • Youtube announces all accounts will have an option to create a unique handle similar to other social media accounts. Users will have the ability to tag creators using the handle, making collaborating easier! 
  • Instagram wants to incentivize users to create Reels more often by testing out Achievement Badges. Similar to Snapchat Streaks, badges like ‘Trendsetter’ and ‘Creative Streak’ will appear only to the user. 
  • TikTok held its second global product summit to announce changes on the platform that will help brands to connect + co-create within the Tiktok community. 

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  • Snapchat has been leading the pack with AR experiences, and they’ve released a new one just in time for Halloween! Combining AR and shopping, users can try on and buy Halloween costumes through the app!

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