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5 Social Media Updates That Are Affecting Social Media Managers

Social Media platforms are constantly updating their networks for users and social media managers. These changes are affecting Canadian business owners directly so it’s crucial to stay on top of the changes and we are here to help.

Here are the 5 Top Social Media Updates that are affecting social media manager this week:

  • Since Instagram and Facebook are owned by Meta, it makes sense that the two social media apps would roll out more options to collaborate! Facebook will the testing an option for Reels to be uploaded at the same time to linked Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • After seeing the success Instagram had as an e-commerce platform for businesses, Youtube has decided to hop on the trend by adding shoppable links to live streams. Now creators can share links to products they mention to followers right away.
  • TikTok is changing who can host and access livestreams! Hosts will have to be 18+, and can host adult-only streams if they will have swearing or traumatic subject matter. Don’t expect any OnlyFans-esque content though, as the app still maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards sexually explicit content.
  • With October being National Disability Employment Awareness Month, LinkedIn has launched a new feature to improve accessibility. The networking app will add auto-captions for all video content, making content more inclusive. 
  • Pinterest is the latest social media and e-commerce platform to copy Tiktok’s features. They’ve made a deal with record labels to give users the ability to add popular music to short-form video posts called Idea Pins. 

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